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Coastal Cargo Trailer Model 830

All of our trailers are designed & developed with a robust, built to last theme.

These stylish yet functional trailers, are specifically created to meet the demands of carrying your valuable, technical equipment such as windsurf boards, canoes and mountain bikes without the cumbersome weight of a full chassis type with brakes. Geared to be operated in a quick, efficient and organised manner such that you can arrive, unload, use clean and reload in salty, sandy, wet, muddy locations with ease

  Features Benefits  
axle & draw-bar - standard

Soft ride format beam axle unit tailored by Avonride Knott

More flex and a softer ride to take better care of your sports equipment


Running on 13" wheels & steel tyres, as standard

Extra grip & load bearing capacity

Over-sized square tube sections
Strong, durable and reliable

Finished in hot dipped galvanised zinc

Long life protection, even in marine environments

Reduces towing weight, saves fuel, less maintenance
Type approved to European legislation
Safety reassurance

Avonride Knott hitch and jockey wheel, with break-away safety strap
Srong secure hitching to your vehicle, and easy manouvreing to and from the tow bar
Frame - standard

'Exco-Skeletal' mild steel frame

An external frame for structural rigidity and safety, and an internal frame for securing your gear to. Two frames, are safer than one
Over sized profiles & over-sized brackets
Strong, durable and reliable

All hot dip galvanised for corrosion resistance
Long life protection, even in marine environments
Powder coated in a standard RAL® colour for aesthetic appeal

With sporting equipment that looks great, why would you want to tow it in a metal grey metal cage?
Every bracket overpopulated with A4 stainless steel bolts and 'Aerotight®' nuts, which are designed to resist loosening and torque relaxation, and yet be undone with a set of spanners, to modify the trailer's shape and size
A strong secure, low maintenance frame, which, can grow in size and take on new features as your sporting needs grow. So with 'verstaile expansion', there's no need to buy a new trailer, just evolve the one you have

Versatile expansion [options]
Additional gear supports (racking)

Even more format versatility

Same colour as frame if ordered with the trailer, or a colour from stock if ordered later
Windsurf / surf equipment carriers
Coming soon

Paddle / sail boxes
Coming soon
Durable, showerproof, wet & dry storage containers
Coming soon

Alko corner steadies / levelling legs

Keeps the trailer steady and level. Lock the winding handle out of sight and thieves will find it harder to tow away
'Bulldog' high security wheel clamp.

A great resistance and deterrent against trailer theft.

Suitable for Caravans and trailers. Lightweight and fully adjustable simple to use and fit. Case hardened top arms for added security. Highly visible. Rubber backed steel disk protects wheel nuts. High security drill and pick resistant lock. Insurance Approved.
S or S & N type electrical adpators

Versatility all round. Hitch your trailer to any car without connectivity concerns
Low pressure washer
Coming soon
Electrical Lighting - standard
Left & right rear light clusters, with bulbs for 5 functions each, including fog and reverse

Bulbed multi function units offer a compact, weatherproof unit, which is hugely cost effective over the LED version, so we save you money. The fog and reverse lights, add extra safety, which some trailer manufacturers leave out. (you will need a 13 pin Euro connector to operate the reverse light)
Two front white LED marker lights and two LED side amber marker lights

For added safety and complaince with European law. These lights also make the trailer more visible when emerging from side roads, and small roundabouts. It's surprising how many drivers will pull out behind you without seeing a trailer. The extra visibility can help to reduce the chances of an incident
LED high level brake light included as standard

For extra safety, especially when others are driving too close

This trailer comes ready to use on a Euro 13 pin connections straight to your car, and with an additional adaptor, (for a small extra cost) it can work with an 'N' or 'S & N' pair

Futureproofing - If you currently have an original N type and want to change your vehicle and fit a new Euro 13 pin type in the future, there i no need to re-wire the trailer, just remove the adaptor

If you tow with a Euro 13 pin system, but occasionally want to tow with an N or S & N type, there is only a small cost to add such versatility

Electrical Ancillaries - call for details

One of the great benefits of the Coastal Cargo Trailer is it's expandability. Two junction boxes, (one front and one rear), allow power from S type or 13 pin Euro connectors to provide power normally found in caravans.

You can start with just the lights, and later add anything which will run from a 12 volt car battery via the S or 13 pin electrical connections....

- low pressure cold water washers
- music systems
- torches & lights
- water pump for a shower

A waterproof connection must be ensured

If you have any questions, please contact us

Coastal Cargo Trailer Model 831
Due in 2013. This trailer is the same as the 830 model, but with added side, front, and roof panels, and rear door.

The panels and rear door, can be added as a later option, if you decide to order the 830 now.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Coastal Cargo Trailer Model 832
Due in 2013. This trailer is the same as the 831 model, but with added side doors to allow you to lash your boards, canoes, bikes etc down to the forward gear supports, (rear gear supports are reachable from the rear). The side doors also allow you to access kit in the front without having to crawl through from the back.

The panels, side doors, and rear door, can be added as a later option, if you decide to order the 830 now.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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