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Professional level sports equipment

Designed and built by professionals, who are also Windsurfers, Canoeists and Mountain Bikers. Active Coast Engineers are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of 'Outdoor Action Sports Trailers.' 

WHat we do & WHY WE DO it?

At Active Coast, we recognise the importance to you as a sports person to have a clear and calm state of mind, while engaged in the moment. Some call it being in the zone. It could be taking 2 seconds off your lap time, or fully committing to an aerial loop. The result is so much better, without distraction. Being able to commit to your sport with this one-track-mind-approach, is important not just to professionals but also to amateurs who are looking to progress. We like to help wherever we can.

There are many ways to achieve this, and one of the important ones is by running your sporting day out as an 'organised efficient operation.' We believe that the key to success on the water is a clear, calm mind before the water.

How? Having a good amount of kit, in the right place, in a hassle free organised mode is one of the key factors. Forget roof racks, and ruined car interiors. An Active Coast trailer will hold your kit in such a way that it is easy to access, unload, use, clean and reload quickly. And when you get home, just lock up the trailer, ready for the next time.

Why not take a look through our site, and consider upgrading to equipment heaven with one of our trailers. it could help to upgrade your performance.

Get less out of your boot and more out of your sport.


If you are interested in other routes to pre-sport clarity, then we recommend you order a copy of '101 Short Steps to Radiance. A Practical guide for a peaceful mind.' by Isabelle Hampton-Stone. To read more click here. To order on Amazon click here.


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